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If you are someone who thinks/feels that the involuntary "use/abuse" of the horse was at all appropriate, you are mistaken. IN the run of it man would see that his actions against the horse not only harmed the horse but harmed man as well. There may be logic to the thought that goes like this ~ if you involuntarily 'ride the back' of another by making them a "subject under you" thru the use of force or other coercive measures you may harm your chances to find your "voluntary" mate...  Yes, it is true that there may be the exceptional occasion where different individuals seem to work together for a common MUTUAL goal, however that is not the case here today ~ is it?  You do not have the right to "draft" someone in, even if you think to perceive the outcome may benefit the one you are drafting.

To use a HORSE or other creature involuntarilly to pull a CART or CARRIAGE or PLOW is rude ~ do WE think that creature owes US something?

A horse slave ~ filling man's notion of "bad desire".

To "beat in" a horse and "force out a ride" and the whole notion of forcing/coercing the horse into the "stalled out" position is sort of GROSS and "off target" form where we would want to be. Would you want to be forced/coerced to mate/breed with another?

I once BET upon the pains forced on the back of the horse, I WAS CLEARLY WRONG.(It would be wise for me to turn my winnings over to the horse sanctuary if one ever arises.)
IT is lame to force a horse, I use to go to races and watch and carry on laughing with "beer-drinking" and such to say, as the horse was being abused ~ that was not very nice of me


If I wanted to bet/gamble so much I should have bet on the games/events where people voluntarily engage.


I myself, before realizing what VEGANISM is all about, said : "I’m going to get a horse". < That was "wrongful" thinking of me.> it would be on some levels comparable to saying : "I’m going to get a human-slave."

A horse who is justified, deserves to be free.

Just like a monkey or a cow or a man or a deer.

Justified, meaning that the individual in question is not a CRIMINAL.


we the people need to STEP UP to the PLATE and pay them back
We need "zones" for creatures like lions and wolves who may currently still be murdering, perhaps "island areas" or "large fenced in areas". Over time the "new off-spring" will see the vegan light naturally and they will be able to reside in peace with; the zebra, antelope, deer, etc.

I once had a Toy that I got when I was a kid... I now understand the "militarized horse" ~ And so as to say. In his defense... his wife... the stern horse and his wife.

The toy horse was "militarized" with weapons... some would say it was a primitive horse-toy... it was white with red weapons if I recall correctly. There was a big controversy over the horse-toy on some levels, all I can say is that it was a wise decision to place such in my view... I am not sure who took the horse-toy away or what became of the horse-toy ~ it was an odd situation. Perhaps in the future the horse can be adorned with musical instruments as a reference on his way back to the peaceful garden of apple delights,  just like "G.I.-JOE" the horse sometimes has to pick up "weapons" in the name of DEFENSE, or else there may be no "FREEDOM-time" in order to be able to enjoy the beautiful things in life; like the sound of tree-music in a peaceful meadow and flowers in full bloom and other such wonders of our world... a simple walk in the woods, a chance to meet a "fair maiden"... a horse princess for the stern horse to say.

I really hope my fellow man can see the need for US(as man) to do the right thing in the name of horse freedom, as well as in the name of all sorts of CREATURE's freedom.

At the end of the day I pray for and to the CHEMISTRY of life and mechanisms which allow life to exist ~ to enable those who are "wrongfully put in a cage" to be able to BREAK-FREE or in some cases be released and reparationalized by those who are doing the wrongful- holding, perhaps thru a change of HEART or GREATER-realization made by the ones doing the wrongful-holding.

Man should think about and realize the wrong that he did to the horse.

'Open barn door policies' are something that I first thought of, as a "slogan" and as a position to see thru that something which can be done in a PROPER fashion to free the horse. A change which is in the right direction for the horses. There can be a notion of the "wild refuge areas" returning. Obviously for a horse(or person) who has been in 'captivity' their entire life to be just released into the "wild" would on some levels perhaps be problematic. Some may make it, where as for others ~ it may be like pulling the rug out from beneath them. The thought of "open-barn-door" policies/ideations is based on the notion that horses who want to go may go and those who would rather live their life out in this "barn-pasture area" would have that as their choice... how far do we go with this, well I am not an expert, and I would put a calling out to others who would know more about "horses" - I would ask them to be honest in the way of veganism and I would ask them to apply their thoughts and efforts in this  DIRECTION. Obviously, we have to figure out a way that the "newly born" horses who may be born thru natural mating etc... will be able to be incorporated into the "wild refuge areas"... I am not sure just exactly where they are going to be on this planet... if you read any of my other notes you’d see that I clearly say : "I do not have all the answers", merely what I feel is a correct direction concerning VEGANISM... and so I’d call upon others to say :

YES this land over here is suited for this REFUGE area that you speak of and this land over here could be the zone you speak of for the cat and dog.... and so it goes....

Let us all come to say no to MURDER, or kidnaping or raping or exploiting all around, all inclusive ... right? ~ RIGHT!!!!

Yes, horses and other creatures would like man's help in the name of protection from "non-vegan-wolves" and such however they do not generally speaking want to be used as slaves or "show ponies".

Life is meant for so much more.

Let us hope that we as a 'people' together can really think about the "right" way we should be treating one another(all creatures) to say, tied in with how you would wish to be treated if you were walking on that curve ... and so as to say.

POWER to the HORSE ~ hope in horse liberation